Huge Black Friday Offer

Save more than ₦15, 000 from this Sweet Deal!!! where you get 8 items at a very cheap and  affordable price when you order NOW.

With our Black Friday Offer You Get these :

     1. A  Vintage Rechargeable wireless/cordlessClipper( this is a all purpose clipper).

     2. A  Chaoba Professional Electric Wire clipper(this is useful in places you can have access to electric socket or when you are in your house and for removing stubborn hairs from your body but not for private parts}.

     3. A  Cleaning Powder Brush(this removes sticky hair from your body after shaving or barbing).

     4. A  lubricating oil(this is good for smooth running of these clippers in all situations).

     5. A  Clipper Bag(this makes your clipper and your barbing accessories conveyable from one place to another without stress)

     6. A  Hair Brush(this smothens your hair for clean and easy cut before and after shave , and it also makes you look clean after barbing or shaving)

     7. A  Barbing Cape(this prevents hair from getting stocked on all your body after shaving or barbing)

     8. Aftershave 125ml( this prevents bumps and aftershave rashes)

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